Our Story

Auddia is reinventing audio listening experiences with a proprietary AI platform for streaming radio and innovative digital technologies for podcasts.

Founded as Clip Interactive in Boulder, CO, we’re a technology company with patented technologies and an artificial intelligence engine making it easier for broadcasters and podcasters to amplify their content, extend brand reach and attract new revenue. Our focus is on creating personalized, user-controlled and digitally enhanced audio experiences in our apps.

Auddia’s patented solutions have been developed and tested for more than a decade, and we proudly partner with broadcasters, podcasters and audio content creators to amplify their brands, extend user reach and create new revenue opportunities.

Our listeners enjoy our interactive music and podcasting apps with more personalization, user control and digitally enhanced audio experiences.

We’re publicly traded on Nasdaq and more information about our history can be found here.


We’re committed to the evolution of audio.

We’re reinventing how publishers and consumers interact with this dynamic medium.

We want to make music and podcasting apps intuitive and easy, with more enhanced listening experiences.

We believe users should engage with content creators, each other and their local communities, even in a digital world.

Executive Team

We’re a veteran team of engineering, operations and audio media experts, quietly disrupting the broadcast radio and podcast categories.

Jeff Thramann

Executive Chairman

Michael Lawless

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Shoebridge

Chief Technical Officer

Theo Romeo

Chief Marketing Officer