Faidr is the only streaming radio app offering listeners access and control over live radio stations in every major U.S. market. Listeners can replace interruptions like ads with the audio content they want to hear, including music, podcasts, news and more.


Faidr — Discovr New Music Program

Faidr is launching a new music program called Discovr. Independent artists selected will receive radio play and more. Check out our Discovr Artist Benefits.

    • Daily exposure to radio listeners
    • Visibility through leaderboards
    • Access to analytics
    • Compensation at the fair market rate for music

In addition to airplay, artists in the Discovr program receive mainstream exposure, proof of popularity through leaderboards, valuable data on listener behaviors and engagement and compensation at the fair market rate for music.


Musical Matchmaking

We’ve conducted numerous consumer surveys, and most radio listeners want access to new music and don’t always know where to find it. Independent artists have two clear choices today: They can submit songs to big platforms, or they can submit on independent-artist-focused streamers. Problem with both options is new listeners have to seek the artist out, in many cases by name. 

There’s no way for an independent artist to get mainstream exposure unless a large radio station decides to play their songs, and this is exceedingly rare. We want to make it easier for consumers to find new music, based on what they already like on the radio, as well as give popular independent artists access to mainstream exposure. 


The Artist Experience

Getting paid for radio airplay in the faidr app.

Independent artists in the Discovr program will be added to 4500+ live and local radio station playlists in early summer (2022). They will receive listening data and be paid for every play.

For listeners, when the program launches at the end of Q2, listeners simply select the music format, and faidr will play Discovr songs. They can also see the top 10 new artist charts in any genre and listen directly from those lists.


How It Works 

Faidr brings the modern-user’s expectations of control and personalization to radio. This is a traditional public stream for a radio station and ads make up about 28% of each hour of listening. These are the interruptions many listeners dislike enough to leave the stream. On faidr, they won’t have to. 

Our AI engine analyzes audio in real time. Faidr gives users a lot of choice and control over what they do and do not want to hear. If a user does not wish to hear ads, faidr will switch the user at the beginning of the segment to other content, automatically, while the ad break plays. 

That includes Discovr Music songs. For independent artists, this reclaimed time during an ad break is a new opportunity to engage listeners with songs. 


Next Steps

We expect the Discovr music feature to be live in the app late Q2 2022. We already have our pilot curators on board, and we are vetting music with artists, managers and promoters across the U.S. They are curating the songs faidr will serve up to users. Faidr is piloting this program with 30-50 new artists in Q2 and will scale from there.


Contact us if you’re interested in participating.