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Providing radio fans an ad-free, on-demand
listening experience

Imagine listening to your favorite stations, personalities and shows without distracting, unwanted ads.

Ad Free Radio Commercial
Our patent pending artificial intelligence technology identifies unique AM/FM content segments and has the ability to deliver listeners a personalized, hassle-free audio experience.

Auddia’s Artificial Intelligence Platform

Ads are identified and removed, leaving great music and local content.
Commercial Free Radio Station

The Evolution of Audio

Over the past ten years, streaming music providers have demonstrated that listeners will pay for on-demand music services. When provided the choice, consumers not only will pay to remove unwanted ads, but listen to what they want, when they want.

The Influence of Radio

Radio is economically viable ($15 billion market), commands a large audience (270 million listeners in the US each week) and is a rich source of news, sports and entertainment.
Auddia provides fans the convenience and control of competitive platforms, while leveraging radio’s exclusive local content and national personalities.

Share of Ear®

Share of Time Spent Listening to Audio Sources in the US

The Opportunity is Large

Auddia has the potential to materially impact the economics of the radio industry