Partnering with Auddia


Auddia supports partnerships with broadcasters, independent music artists and labels, podcasters, media networks, top brands and advertisers. 

Let’s talk about opportunities with our faidr and Vodacast apps to build deeper business value and drive new revenue.




Auddia and faidr, our flagship AM/FM radio streaming app, support our broadcaster community.

We love radio and want to see the medium evolve to meet the modern-day user’s expectations of control and personalization. Radio listeners still love their local content, but up to 70% say they want to avoid distracting ads – the faidr radio app is creating a solution to this dilemma.


Radio’s Future

Faidr represents a fundamental shift in the way radio content is personalized and delivered: 1. interruption-free 2. subscription-based 3. enabled for mobile 4. local and personalized. Faidr also represents an evolution in the way local radio is monetized for broadcasters.


Radio’s Reach and Revenue – We’re Bullish

Radio still reaches 83% of U.S. adults on a weekly basis, though increasingly on smartphone streaming apps, which provide users additional control and subscription services to avoid ads. Our faidr radio app is intended to provide users a more advanced listening experience – technology with the ability to remove disruptive ads and still provide access to great local content. 


Radio Listeners Moving to Digital

We think 50% of radio listening could happen on the digital feed by 2026, and unfortunately, the margins to operate the broadcast versus the stream are extremely lopsided. Because of lower CPMs and increased Sound Exchange fees, broadcasters end up making less than 10% of their broadcast Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) with the stream. 


Monetizing Your Digital Audience

We estimate that stations can begin more effectively monetizing their digital streams with our faidr mobile app. This would provide broadcasters new revenue streams independent of traditional OTA advertising. And for their advertising partners, faidr can be the listening medium of choice for people who strongly dislike advertisements, leaving folks that either don’t mind ads, or even convert better on the airwaves.


How Can Broadcasters Partner with faidr?

It’s simple – reach out in our form below and qualify. Qualification is a painless process. In the end, we want to confirm your ARPU and agree to payment terms. That’s it. 


Broadcaster Revenue Opportunities

We understand faidr is simply the mechanism by which users engage with their audio content of choice. Without that content, there is no faidr. That’s why supporting our content creators, which for the first phase will be exclusively made up of broadcasters, is one of our highest priorities. Excluding anyone making their content available for free – publishers, artists, or entities that have content on the faidr app are entitled to revenue.


How Do Broadcasters Get Paid?

We secure a share of the premium-user subscription revenue and set it aside in a pool for broadcasters. From this pool broadcasters are paid a standard rate based on TSL (time spent listening) when users listen to their stations or content on faidr.


Revenue Share vs the Status Quo

As more listeners move to the stream, a station’s ARPU tends to drop pretty significantly. If those station listeners are on faidr, they are making the station more money, and they are not leaving the stream when the station goes to an ad break. Once the ad break is over, that listener returns to the stream instead of changing to another station. The listener engages more deeply with the brand, the station monetizes the stream at previously unseen rates and radio prevents another person from leaving it, and its unique local content, for a streaming subscription elsewhere.