A new, media-changing podcasting platform, allowing publishers the ability to tell deeper, digital stories through supplemental content

Imagine listening to your favorite true-crime podcast and seeing pictures of suspects, murder weapons and crime scenes as the narrative unfolds.

The Vodacast platform allows podcasters the ability to curate engaging digital content (video, images and links) for fans to consume while they listen to their favorite shows.
Every Vodacast podcast also has a brand feed, where fans can interact with hosts, episodes, social media and more.

The Growth of Podcasts

Podcasting has experienced significant growth with an estimated 103 million US fans listening to a podcast at least once a week. As the industry matures, there’s an opportunity for advertisers to leverage Vodacast’s actionable digital ads and full funnel data attribution. Vodacast is an emerging platform, positioned to allow podcasters and advertisers more effective ways to monetize their brands and episodes.

The Value of Vodacast

Vodacast delivers value to every player in the podcasting ecosystem: publishers, advertisers and fans.


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Brand evangelism, stronger connections to fans, episode monetization


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Actionable digital ads, full funnel attribution, more effective data


Top Podcast Platform | Vodacast by auddia
Deeper stories, stronger connections to hosts, exclusive content
Vodacast is reinventing the way fans interact with their favorite podcasts.