Vodacast is transforming the podcast medium with immersive, interactive content. With our digital episode feed, supplemental content like photos, videos and contextual in-line links allow podcasters and fans to engage with the full experience of the audio story. Vodacast’s immersive podcast experience means deeper, digital engagement for storytellers and fans.

Podcasting opportunity — the podcasting media category is currently experiencing explosive growth. The proliferation of streaming services, emergence of smart speakers and younger demographics entering the audio streaming space all have contributed to the current resurgence in audio storytelling. 

“In 2022, the number of monthly US podcast listeners will increase by 6% year-over-year to 125 million. Insider Intelligence projects 424 million podcast listeners worldwide in 2022, accounting for 20% of internet users. Podcasting will be a $95 billion industry by 2028.” Any way you slice these trends, the opportunities for podcasters to create deeper fan engagement, advertisers to leverage new digital revenue channels and listeners to discover more interactivity and community should predictably emerge as the podcasting medium evolves. 


Forward-thinking Publishers

For the podcaster, the Vodacast app and backend platform provide innovative digital capabilities to integrate their brands, create digital episode feeds and manage new revenue channels (in-line digital, subscriptions, on-demand, ad marketplace — all coming soon). Podcasting fans will enjoy the experience of digitally-enhanced storytelling, while content creators will boost their ROI with dynamic, net new revenue channels.


Digital Advertising

For brands and advertisers, the digital episode feed becomes a rich source of promotional opportunities: native digital ads synced to audio, direct response engagements, digital host endorsements, optional programmatic advertising (Google, MoPub etc.). Vodacast’s digital revenue channels also mean highly actionable ad engagements and data attribution for advertisers — tracking online performance has become an essential part of modern-day marketing.


Podcast Aficionados    

For the avid podcast fan, the Vodacast episode feed is transforming an audio-only listening experience with immersive, interactive content — supplemental photos, videos and contextual in-line links allow listeners to engage with the full experience of a story. Ever wonder what the murder weapon looks like from your favorite true crime podcast? Now with Vodacast, your favorite podcasts become immersive digital experiences, allowing users to consume, save and share the story’s digital content.


Episode Feeds & The Hub

Episode feeds are hand-curated, digital content (e.g. website URLs, videos, images etc.) meant to accompany the podcaster’s audio-only episodes and provide listeners deeper audio/digital podcasting experiences.

The Hub is Vodacast’s admin platform where podcasters can claim their podcasts, create accounts and start building digital content for episodes.

    • Quick, easy content creation on desktops, tablets
    • Complete control of the content narrative and user experience
    • Shareable episode feed URLs for quick syndication
    • Simple admin tools, robust analytics

The design of the Hub is intended to help podcasters organize, research and publish content for upcoming episodes with ease and simplicity.


Marketing Tools for Creators

Vodacast’s platform for content creation, deeper fan engagement and digital monetization features exclusive ways for podcast publishgers to create long-term value for their shows.

    • Podcasters utilize the unique platform to build rich, digital content
    • Users enjoy enhanced episodes with deeper storytelling
    • Podcasters integrate digital revenue opportunities
    • Podcasters promote their shows through the Vodacast community
    • Enhanced episodes drive deeper fan engagement

The platform was designed to leverage customary revenue and marketing opportunities, as well as some new ones.

    • Promote donations/subscriptions on Patreon
    • Drive merchandise, paid event, affiliate network sales
    • Drive website and social traffic
    • Up-sell digital ads to complement your audio


Stay Connected

Stay in the loop with all the great app and platform features coming to Vodacast.

Partnership program in the roadmap — publishers will be able to take advantage of our exclusive brand, content creation and community building tools, as well as lock in revenue sharing terms and incentives.