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How It Works

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Take your favorite radio stations with you on the go with the Auddia app!

Select Your Favorite Stations

Auddia lets you listen to your favorite local radio, with new stations added each month!

Personalize your listening experience

Skip what you don’t want to hear, choose replacement content from other sources, and make the experience your own.

Listen and Enjoy

Lock In Beta Rate

Unlock new content, new stations and greater personalization options by subscribing during our beta phase and get the app free — for life!
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Not Just Another Music App

On 2.15.2022, we will be adding thousands more stations. Early adopters that sign up before 2.15.2022 will be able to use our premium-tier product (normally $11.99/month) at no charge – for life!

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Customizing Your Radio Experience

You’re less than one minute away from creating a personalized radio experience that delivers everything you want, and nothing you don’t!

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  • Save money.

    Lock in your free subscription for life when you sign up during our beta phase.

  • Download the app.

    Enjoy your favorite stations.

  • The power of ad-free experiences.

    Your favorite music on your terms.

  • Stay connected.

    Immerse yourself in our ever-expanding content options.