For Audio-content Creators and Consumers

Auddia’s proprietary technologies provide innovative ways for audio consumers to personalize and digitally enhance their radio and podcast listening experiences.

Our patented solutions have been developed and tested for more than a decade, and we proudly partner with broadcasters, podcasters and audio content creators to amplify their brands, extend user reach and create new revenue opportunities on our platforms.

For the consumer, our interactive music and podcasting apps provide more personalization, user control and digitally-enhanced listening experiences.

Faidr — Take Control of Your AM/FM Radio

Imagine listening to your favorite stations, personalities and shows without distracting, unwanted interruptions.

We’ve engineered an AI-enabled listening experience that provides users unlimited choice and control. Our technology removes those annoying interruptions like ads and lets you fill these time gaps with the audio content you actually want to hear.

Faidr is the only streaming radio app offering listeners access and control of 5,200+ live radio stations in every major U.S. market. Listeners don’t have to choose between control and local content. They have the freedom to personalize their radio listening experience.

    • Features commercial-free AM/FM radio streams
    • Replaces interruptions with music, podcasts, news, and more
    • Blends real-time broadcast audio with users’ on-demand choices
    • Drives awareness and revenue for radio and music partners

The transformation we’re driving isn’t audio disruption – it’s about enhancing the user’s listening experience and providing a fresh perspective to a legacy medium.

The only AI-enabled radio streaming app with ad-free, personalized and local content.

Vodacast — Immersive Podcasting

Vodacast is transforming the podcast medium with immersive, interactive content and fresh revenue opportunities for publishers.

With Vodacast’s unique digital episode feed, supplemental content like photos, videos and in-line contextual links allow podcasters and fans to engage with the full experience of the story.

By adding digital content feeds correlated to podcast audio, audiences are immersed in each episode, discussing, sharing and discovering valuable bonus content. 

For the publisher, our app and backend platform are designed to integrate existing shows, or launch new ones, quickly and seamlessly – where your audience is listening.

    • Digital content to enhance episodes
    • Deeper user retention and audience building
    • Show and fan collaboration
    • Episode and podcast brand building

Podcasters will also have the opportunity to earn supplemental revenue through digital ads, subscriptions, micro-payments, donations and the Vodacast ad network – coming soon.

Vodacast’s immersive podcast experience means deeper, digital engagement for storytellers and fans.